Evolution Architecture is in Oregon!

We’re open in Lake Oswego!

Evolution Architecture recently opened its doors to formally plant roots into the Oregon market, with our new VP of Operations, Logan Hardt.

Logan has 10+ years of construction experience across a broad range of project types and complexities. He approaches each new project with a solid foundational knowledge, but also an excitement for continued learning. Core to his central belief, Logan relishes in truly understanding the needs and goals of all stakeholders so that a bespoke framework can be created to best achieve the desired outcomes. A Portland native, and OSU graduate, Logan will continue partnering with our current clients in Oregon, as well as develop new endeavors for the EA team.
Evolution Architecture is a full-service building envelope consultant and restoration architect. The building envelope refers to every component and assembly encompassing the entire exterior of the building. Thus, we are experts on roofs, decks, plazas, facades, and glazing. As the project consultant and architect, we provide the necessary investigation, research, documentation, design, and quality assurance needed to ensure a successful project.

Our Key Services:
- Envelope inspections, assessments and design
- In-house swing stage and chair drop expertise
- Water testing and leak diagnosis

- Architectural drawings and details
- Roof inspections, replacement and design
- Project oversight

- Due diligence & peer reviews
- Project forecasting
- Rom budgeting

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington where our core business is located, however, we have been serving Oregon and the Portland market for 5 years. Our successes in Portland made it an easy choice for us to establish a formal office in 2022. No matter where our work takes us, we have ample experience working on/for every variety of building type and ownership including historic, new construction, medical, industrial, and retail. We’re excited for this new growth down in Oregon, and proud to have Logan at the helm cultivating new opportunities for Evolution.