At Evolution Architecture, we specialize in serving the building envelope needs of commercial offices, medical clinics, hospitals and multifamily residential structures with a focus on minimizing impact to the occupants. In performing our work with each client, maintaining our client’s buildings often requires that we re-design and supplement original building elements stabilizing the building envelope and extending the building’s useful life. Replacing failed claddings with a new material expression, adding large canopy structures and focal water features enhancing occupants’ experience and maintaining the buildings’ profile in the competitive marketplace are all an integral part of our work. From our founding, we have incorporated a strong architectural design capability in support of our work maintaining the integrity and longevity of our clients’ buildings. Our Architectural team is now 5 strong with 3 licensed Architects, an architectural technician and a specialist in waterproofing design and historic restoration of large commercial buildings.

  • Full service Architectural Design Services
  • 3-D modeling
  • Scope of Repair Documents
  • Permitting
  • Building Envelope Design Analysis
  • Conceptual and Schematic Design
  • Warranty Reviews

Project References

8th and Olive, Seattle, WA
Design and Bidding, Oversight of Building Envelope Repairs
Client: Unico Properties
Description: Evolution Architecture’s role, typically and on this specific project was comprehensive in conducting multiple building drops, analyzing the problems both on and below the cladding surface, designing the repairs and overseeing the repair contractor to completion.

Second and Spring, Seattle, WA
Façade and Penthouse Repairs
Client: Unico Properties
Description: The repair program encompasses two buildings and a full half block along 2nd Ave and to the alleyway along Spring. The two buildings are of very different vintages and yet repairs are required across both equally but with widely varying repair demands. The project is ongoing and will restore the utility of the building façade for decades to come.

Columbia House, Seattle, WA
Client: Urban Renaissance Group
Description: Columbia House provided unique challenges associated with its exterior restoration during 2016. Originally a 3-story masonry structure built circa 1913. This historic building had 2 additional steel and glass stories added in 2001. Tasked with the comprehensive design and oversight of this complicated project, Evolution Architecture rose to the challenge. Preparing repair recommendations for the 1913 masonry façade and incorporating repairs to the more modern upper floors, and overseeing the repair contractor to completion.

1111 Third, Seattle, WA
Repair oversight to pre-cast concrete panels and window system, major spall repair, crack repairs, façade coating
Client: Unico Properties
Description: Our project at 1111 Third has a variety of complicated restoration elements. The remedial work on all elevations of the 34-story building range from glazing element restoration to major spall repair (life safety) and coating. The restoration is improving the building’s long term functionality and aesthetic presentation. Evolution Architecture’s role, on this project is comprehensive in conducting multiple building drops, analyzing the problems both on and below the cladding surface, designing the repairs and overseeing the repair contractor to completion.

Nautica, Seattle, WA
Client: Nautica Homeowner Association
Description: Nautica is a great example of how our team was tasked with making a significant architectural change to the cladding of a very large building. Evolution was tasked with updating the exterior facade of a large stucco clad building off of Dexter Avenue in Seattle. The change was driven by the need for making structural repairs and improvements, the need for waterproofing upgrades, as well as a desire for aesthetic improvements to better fit the modernization of the neighborhood. Our team prepared full models of the building illustrating several options, before the owner decided on a mix of metal, phenolic resin, and fiber cement cladding.

Two Union Square, Seattle WA
New high-end canopy, plaza stair and water feature and new paver design for a 1-acre public plaza re-waterproofing project.
Client: Washington Holdings
Description: The project is a clear example of our capacity to leverage our technical waterproofing knowledge into high end design outcomes. The clearly stated goal is to enhance the flow and presentation of the main plaza areas while appearing as if they have been that way all along. This edict combines with the requirement for a very clean and sophisticated high level of detailing to match the character of the original building.

The Gunderson Building, Everett, WA
New extended canopies as part of full building recladding achieving a long-standing goal for the owner providing shelter connecting the large main building with the parking garage
Client: The Everett Clinic
Description: In the course of a full cladding replacement the owner opted to switch to a drainage EIFS system, and largely maintain the same coloration and general presentation of the building. Several detail elements were modified from the original however including a metal cladding at the deeply recessed sloped fenestration openings and key flashing and transition details were both adopted to improve performance and to look better. At the same time, the owner requested that we consider extending the existing canopies (originally projecting 6’ from the main building) the addition 32’ to provide full cover from the facility parking garage. This work involved careful integration with existing grade elevations and smart tie-ins to the existing buildings. The owner is thrilled with both the practical and aesthetic outcomes.