Building Communities Through Collaboration

We know that Multifamily Property Managers work hard to ensure comfort and safety for their residents and guests. It’s this level of attention to details that sets successful communities apart from the rest. Our staff supports their dedication to tenant satisfaction by lending expertise to ensure property inspections, maintenance, and repairs are priority one.

Special note on multifamily structures:
Washington State RCW 64.55 mandates that new developments and large repair projects include a detailed set of waterproofing details stamped by a licensed architect as well as periodic review of the work being implemented. These are meant to verify weatherization components were properly installed and functioning correctly and ensure underlying components are undamaged.

This regulation also facilitates the discovery of potential issues during warranty periods to better the chance that funds will be recovered for necessary repairs. In addition, older buildings, even if out of warranty, benefit from required evaluations to uncover potential damage and protect owners from excess cost accumulation over time.

Did you know: Some property insurance policies may provide coverage for hidden water damage caused by water intrusion?

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