Evo Night Out!

It's tradition!

Evolution Architecture hosts an annual friends and family night at the ballpark and this year we switched gears to host inside Edgars Cantina, and it was a hit! 

While we're all in the midst of our day-to-day, EA has wanted to continue taking a step back to stop and smell the roses ... or in this case, baseball, beer, and food .... We continue to invest in our team and build a strong community inside our brand that includes our employees families.

Now most of the time the CEOs mandatory “We’re going to do some team building” gets a bad rap … and a lot of the time leaves the employees re-watching old episodes of The Office, but what we’ve learned is that investing in our team, it’s the best investment we’ll ever make.  

One of the most powerful reasons for any team building is to get results - results that lead to a unique dynamic that's created when we step outside of the office and connect over a fun and unique experience. 

A close-knit team will ensure productivity and a great work environment. From the networking, socializing, and getting to know one another better, we are able to motivate and bring our team (especially our new team members) into the fold of being better connected and morale boost.

My point? This stuff isn't fluff. You don't have to bet the business on swanky, expensive trips or experiences, but don't be cheap either. Be willing to make a real investments.

We had an awesome night – bonus points for the Mariners winning!

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